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The following steps will help the clients understand the simple stages involved in working with us.

Free Trial – In order to give you a glimpse of the quality of our work, we would offer you a free trial. You can send us a trial work and evaluate the quality of our services and competencies and decide if you would like to enter into a long-term business relation with us or not. (Navkar Consultancy Services works with highly secured servers and softwares ensuring highest security of your data and information.)

You just need to go to our ‘contact-us’ page, fill in the details and description of services you require from us and our team of experts will contact you shortly to understand your needs and offer you the best solution.

You will then be asked to upload the data on our secured server. When you upload the data on server/FTP and instruct us to process it, our professionals and executers will begin the primary work. While processing the job, they may ask for more details from you in a specific format, if needed. Once the queries have been resolved, we finalize the job by ensuring completion of all details mentioned in instruction sheet and then send it back to you. After you approve the job, we send you the final sheet.

Turn-Around Time: Everyone at Navkar works in a highly professional manner with set deadlines. Besides ensuring high quality work, we strive to minimize the turnaround time. Every possible effort is made to deliver the services within the agreed time-limits as per the contract.

NCS has a state-of-art infrastructure matching international standards with all the latest technology and amenities. We have procured the best quality computers, laptops, soft-wares etc from the leading brands of the world. We use the best available soft-wares and anti-virus in the market. Our office has a 10 mbps Leased line Internet Bandwidth with contracted 99.99% uptime.

The executing analysts are graduates and post-graduates with excellent accounting and quantitative aptitudes. The professional experts are Chartered Accountants, MBA-finance, CPAs and Masters in Accountancy, finance and business administration etc. The director himself is a highly experienced CA, CMA with in-depth knowledge of all the related fields.

We maintain our high quality of work by:
  • Extensive training on weekly basis on how to deal with challenging situations & remove knowledge gap.
  • Grooming of new employees by Senior Experienced managers.
  • Agreement with employees for minimum 3 years.
  • Notice period of 3 months before resignation to allow knowledge transition.
  • Cross training is compulsory to remove dependency on any specific employee and manage unpredicted & unexpected circumstances.

Navkar Consultancy Services Provides the following services to its clients.

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping Services
  • Corporate Tax and Individual Tax Returns
  • Payroll Services
  • Financial Analysis Services
  • Financial Reporting Services
  • Database Services

In this age of Cyber-crimes and frauds, NCS is committed to protect it’s data and work from external as well as internal threats. For confidentiality and security of client’s data, we have implemented comprehensive security policies that are designed to ensure the protection of data.


  • Employees are allowed to enter the work area exclusively through biometric verification and access card Cellular phones, Bags and Personal Articles are prohibited in work area.
  • The entire work area and systems are under CCTV surveillance.
  • All the work facilities are guarded by security guards deployed outside the work facilities at all times.
  • USB ports are disabled at workstations and do not have external drives.
  • Accessing the personal email accounts is strictly forbidden.
  • Use of internet is restricted to work related sites only.
  • IP authentication ensures business sites of the firm are available to authorized parties.

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