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8 Hacks/Features of QuickBooks Every Accountant Must Know

8 Hacks/Features of QuickBooks Every Accountant Must Know


QuickBoks is definitely one of the best software out there for accountants & bookkeepers. The simple yet comprehensive & user-friendly structure of QuickBooks Online enables us to manage the books of clients in a very accurate & systematic manner. Though we all use QBO every day, there still might be few unexplored hacks that could possibly change your game!
Dive into the following tips & boast them in front of clients:

1. QuickBooks Themes

Hey dark mode, here we come! This is definitely one of the coolest stuff QBO has introduced. The dark mode theme is for all the accountants who don’t like the bright screens and want some fashionable change. You can simply turn on the dark mode by going to the “QuickBooks Labs” in the settings. The dark mode is easier on the eyes and is a good change when compared to the boring white screens.

2. Keyboard shortcuts

A few accountants like the QB “Desktop” version more than the online version is because we prefer the keyboard over the mouse all the time. QBO has provided this facility for all keyboard lovers. Just press and hold ctrl (control) and alt (alter) and “?” to see the list of different shortcuts. There are various shortcuts to add invoices, expenses, payments, etc. from the main page. You can also search for transactions by pressing CTRL+ALT+F.

3. Recurring entries

Automating your routine tasks is much needed in this fast-paced world. This is a powerful tool to enter the monthly invoices and to ensure you do not miss any repetitive invoices. You can open your repetitive invoice & click on the “Make Recurring” option, select your preferences and then save the settings. This way, QBO will automatically post the invoices and you can invest your time in something more productive.

4. T-sheets

Keeping track of employee’s timesheets is much easier now with the QuickBooks software. With the T-sheets, your team members can clock in their hours and keep a log of the tasks done in a detailed & accurate manner. It becomes very easy to manage different teams and allocate the tasks to different persons. You can access the same through and develop your own procedures to track the time of employees.

5. Split screen

Well, who doesn’t love split screens?! Most technophiles like to work on split screens so they can work efficiently and see different windows on the screen. If you want to review multiple reports side by side, just press the windows button and the left/right arrow keys, and Voila!

6. Previous transactions

For those newbies who wonder what is the “clock” icon for when you open an invoice. This icon is to see a history of the recent invoices. You can click on the invoice & directly open up the invoice by clicking on the clock icon.

7. Merging different accounts

Do you often see different account heads for the same purpose? When you have different team members working on your files, they will often create their own account heads that are unnecessary. To merge two accounts, go to the account whose name you don’t want to use and click Edit in the Action column. Paste in the Name and make sure the Detail Type matches the account with which you’re merging. After you click on “Save”, Click Yes to confirm that you want to merge the two accounts.

8. Reclassify and Move transactions

In case you need to edit many transactions at a time, you don’t have to edit them one at a time. In QB Online Accountant and QB Online Advanced, you can use the reclassify tool to save time and make the same changes to multiple transactions at once. You can directly change the account of selected transactions to another account through this tool.

Leave your own tips in the comment section and now you can go on & show off these new hacks to your colleagues & clients!

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