Engagement Report

Compilation Engagement Report

A Compilation Engagement Report is a Financial statement prepared by a CA/CPA providing no
assurance or opinion regarding the same. The next stage after completion of books is the
finalization of accounts which requires entries for depreciation, accrued liabilities, prepaid or
unpaid expenses/incomes. NCS Team can pass such entries and finalize the books which are
once again reviewed by a CA or CPA. After passing the necessary journal entries required for
the finalization of books, we can prepare financial statements and Compilation Engagement Report
in your choice’s software and send you the same.

By outsourcing Compilation Engagement Report work to us, CPAs can focus on expanding their clientele and
increasing their profit. This allows you to concentrate on your core business and
save costs through outsourcing work to us. Depending upon the business scenario,
we will design a suitable report and will discuss the same with you.

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