About NCS

Overview of NCS

NCS is an Outsourcing firm providing a range of accounting and taxation-related services to the Canadian CPAs, Accountants & Corporates. NCS is an initiative of Navkar Institute, a leading educational institute for Chartered Accountants and CPAs. It enjoys high repute due to its network of 40,000+ students and 5000+ Chartered Accountants/CPAs. It has 100,000+ square feet infrastructure embedded with all amenities in the heart of Ahmedabad city which is considered as one of the upcoming financial hubs of India.

Our Aim & Vision

Our Aim

Our Aim has always been to understand what is most important to the client, to help them look for ways, to create sustainable value addition and satisfaction in a truly professional environment.

Our Mission

It is our earnest endeavor to apply the best business practices, quickly implement innovations, put insight into action, provide perspectives on value creation, create and develop truly congenial human resources by providing the most conducive environment.

What makes NCS your Unique Business Partner?

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Our Brand Promise


Going beyond business and foster a long-lasting mutually beneficial relationship with the clients.


Maintaining high standards of ethics and integrity is the cornerstone at NCS.


NCS works with the clarity of goal that all its actions should eventually benefit a brief the customer.